March 10, 2020 by Flynn Nogueira

How to Increase Call Taker Focus with Integrated Call Control

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integrated-call-control-unified-workflow-featuredAndy Malchert of Grays Harbor Communications Center, Washington, echoes a sentiment we’ve heard from countless other PSAP personnel: “Call takers and dispatchers don’t like change.” And it’s not hard to understand why.

Changes have the potential to disrupt systems they count on to get people the help they need as fast as possible. And since NG9-1-1 brings a world of change, it must be approached thoughtfully to ensure their capacity to do their critical jobs is not disrupted. As we’ve discussed, a smart strategy to manage NG9-1-1 changes is evolutionary – one that allows PSAPs to meet their individual needs, in phases and on a timeline, to ensure successful adoption. Another way Motorola Solutions is helping PSAPs take this approach, save time and maintain their focus on saving lives is with integrated call control (ICC).

Integrated Call Control and Why It Matters to Your PSAP

To do their jobs, call takers and dispatchers often use separate call handling and dispatching systems. Though tried and true, the process isn’t always the most efficient approach.

One, call takers and dispatchers must input info into multiple systems, which can be labor intensive and slow their speed in responding to callers’ needs.

Two, use of multiple systems requires them to swivel back and forth between applications, constantly moving their eyes, bodies, heads and necks. This also impacts their speed, as well as their focus and comfort, making an already stressful job even more stressful.

ICC solves these problems by integrating call handling into Computer-aided Dispatch (CAD) to create a more efficient call management solution – one that’s more comfortable for call takers and dispatchers. With a streamlined workflow between telephony and CAD, call takers and dispatchers can enhance their focus, save invaluable time and dispatch resources faster. Just as important, the change, though positive, is minimal to call takers and dispatchers. “In fact,” Andy says, “call takers at Grays Harbor are praising what they are seeing in terms of how it works.”

The Minimal Impact of Integrated Call Control

Grays Harbor Communications Center is in the process of deploying ICC, which integrates their CallWorks CallStation call handling system with the Spillman Flex CAD solution – both from Motorola Solutions. ICC is available with our VESTA® 9-1-1 and CallWorks CallStation call handling systems with its PremierOne or Spillman Flex CAD solutions. 

Andy, who is the center’s System Support Analyst, remarks on the impact of ICC to their operations and personnel. 

“Call takers get more control and more information on one screen with ICC, but it doesn’t require you to do more. The integration connects the two systems they’re already accustomed to. This means, when we turn it on, we’re not forced to change procedures or policies and we can start taking advantage of the functionality right away.”

Though some may be weary of making yet another change, Andy advises, “ICC is not difficult to jump into. Let your staff ease into it, and they will get comfortable with it. It doesn’t take away from what you have – you still have your full call handling and CAD functionality. It’s just that with ICC some of their actions will be faster because it reduces the number of steps. They will save time without having to learn a new system.”

“Call takers will find a balance,” explains Andy. “Some will focus on the fact that ICC lets them do things faster, while others will realize it gives them more information on one screen. They are going to find what works best for them and utilize that.”

Meeting the Unique Needs of PSAPs

Integrated call control is an integral component of Motorola Solutions’ CommandCentral suite, helping you to benefit from the unified workflow we are building. It starts with the call – and integrating call handling into CAD via ICC offers you a headstart to a unified workflow.

Yet, ICC is only one ‘red thread’ in our CommandCentral end-to-end software suite that leverages integration across today’s public safety silos. This public safety platform centralizes public safety data and streamlines the way individual applications are connected. The result is more collaboration, faster processes, improved security and advanced analytics. By improving information flow from call to case closure, you reduce the strain on critical personnel and restore your focus on the communities you serve even as 9-1-1 continues to change.

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