In the 2017 K-12 Education Survey, 92% of respondents said creating a safe, secure environment is a top priority, yet only 25% report they have that capability. Learn more about new funding sources, next generation communication solutions for education, and how to instantly connect staff and public safety when emergencies occur.

Fire & EMS

When every second counts, safer and more effective response saves lives. Learn how purpose-built Fire and EMS technologies deliver intelligent, reliable communications with clear voice and real-time data - so your department can respond faster, extend situational awareness further, collaborate better and prepare for the unexpected.

Energy Industries

Energy workers require instant communication and access to data intelligence wherever the job may take them. Having the right data, in the right hands, at the right time - no matter the environment or device of choice - is simply non-negotiable. Hear from industry experts how you can supercharge your team communications with the Industrial Internet of Things.


Hear from industry experts how unified team communications can boost safety, efficiency, and productivity - so you can deliver five star service that keeps guests coming back.

Law Enforcement

Discover how mission-critical intelligence gives law enforcement the power to access information, leverage analytics and collaborate in real time for increased contextual awareness, accelerated responsiveness, and improved decision-making to make your city safer.


Increase safety. Reduce downtime. Boost productivity. Hear how the ability to communicate instantly, from anywhere, with anyone can bring your factory into the future.

Transportation & Logistics

Your customers expect everything delivered when and where they want it. Hear from subject matter experts how instant, reliable communications help delivery and logistics businesses streamline operations, control costs and delight customers.