May 23, 2024 by Hetal Patel

Healthcare body cameras: ensuring trust, one frame at a time

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In healthcare facilities, safety and security are paramount concerns not only for patients but for medical staff and visitors too. The dynamic environment of hospitals presents a myriad of challenges, ranging from patient aggression and violence to theft and unauthorized access to sensitive areas. Amidst these challenges and with technology constantly evolving, it’s imperative to assess how different industries are leveraging technology to protect their employees and business practices. In 2023, Motorola Solutions conducted a Commercial Survey with over 330 respondents from organizations across the United States. 77% of respondents agreed it’s important to gather as much evidence as possible in order to review actions taken and get a much clearer picture of what happened. 

Body-worn cameras are one of the most effective ways to capture first-hand video evidence of incidents and interactions. Despite their uses, just 11% of respondents to our survey currently have body-worn cameras at their facility. By providing a first-hand, unbiased account of interactions and incidents, body cameras offer a means to safeguard the wellbeing of individuals within the hospital and foster a culture of transparency and professionalism within the healthcare setting.

With the VT100 and VB400 healthcare body cameras, your staff can be in control of every situation. Equipping healthcare security professionals with the tools they need to protect others and themselves is a vital part of mitigating workplace violence and creating a safer environment for healthcare operations. 

The VT100 body camera is lightweight and discreet, with a range of mounting options suitable for virtually any style of uniform and clothing. It’s easy to use and requires minimal staff training. The VT100 fulfills your duty of care to protect staff from client and visitor aggression. The product helps to ensure the good behavior of all parties, at the same time capturing indisputable, evidence-grade video footage of any incident. Easily integrated with your fixed security camera system, the VT100 can be configured to alert your security team and start a live video stream to the control center whenever it’s activated.

The VB400 body-worn camera is designed for security professionals who may encounter threats of abuse or violence, or capture similar acts of aggression against those they are protecting. With its rugged exterior and shift-long recording, the VB400 provides footage of events as they occur, allowing immediate response and providing indisputable evidence. If paired with radios via Bluetooth, the VB400 can automatically record when the user’s radio enters an emergency state. When tethered to a trusted Wi-Fi network or a personal 4G hotspot, users are able to live stream video footage to remote colleagues.

Motorola Solutions’ body camera portfolio allows you to address everyday concerns and emerging situations. Let’s explore how teams work together to address safety and security challenges through the example of an erratic patient in a hospital. 

A triage nurse wearing a VT100 Body Camera interacts with a patient exhibiting erratic behavior and initiates a live stream via Wi-Fi to the control room. The security staff views the area on their CCTV alongside the live stream from the VT100 and quickly dispatches security officers to assess the situation. As subsequent security officers arrive to de-escalate the situation, peer-assist recording is automatically initiated on their VB400 Body Cameras to provide multiple viewpoints. The patient is escorted back to his room and an incident report, along with the evidence gathered from the body camera footage, CCTV and control room, is securely stored in VideoManager. 

The implementation of body cameras in psychiatric wards and emergency rooms offers invaluable benefits in ensuring the safety and security of both patients and medical staff.  Security personnel equipped with body cameras in hospital settings serve as frontline guardians, tasked with maintaining order and ensuring the safety of patients, staff and visitors. These wearable devices offer security personnel a powerful tool to document their interactions and interventions in real time. By capturing audio and video footage, body cameras provide an objective record of incidents, aiding in investigations and legal proceedings when necessary. Additionally, the presence of body cameras can act as a deterrent against aggressive behavior and misconduct, promoting a safer and more secure environment within the hospital premises. The footage captured can be used for training purposes, enabling security personnel to review their responses and learn from past experiences, ultimately enhancing their effectiveness in handling challenging situations. Body camera technology empowers security personnel to fulfill their duties with greater accountability, professionalism and efficacy in hospital security operations.

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