December 3, 2019 by Jerry Gard

How does CBRS work with LMR?

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It’s game day

CBRS and LMR interoperabilityMore than 75,000 fans flock to the stadium for kick off. Behind the scenes, hundreds of staff members are responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly and without incident. They need to communicate quickly, clearly, and securely over deafening noise levels and significant data congestion. The game day presentation staff is using MOTOTRBO Nitro for high-capacity, secure data connections both indoors and outdoors, and clear, reliable voice within the condensed area of the stadium. The security team is using their pre-CBRS MOTOTRBO two-way radios and their land mobile radio (LMR) network for voice communications and talk group sharing between networks. 

Hundreds of miles away, at a rival university, the Public Relations (PR) team is preparing for a nationally televised interview with both the school’s athletic directors, in anticipation of next week’s matchup. The team using broadband push-to-talk (PTT) with both smartphones and TLK100 mobile two-way radios to communicate real-time with their on-site game day production team, who will be broadcasting the interview on the stadium’s jumbotron during halftime.

With MOTOTRBO, these communications come together with seamless interoperability — meaning you can communicate without boundaries when the game is on the line.

How does CBRS work with current LMR systems?

With the emergence of CBRS as a private broadband solution for data and voice communications, you may wonder how CBRS works with current LMR systems — especially if you’ve recently upgraded your system. The good news is that with WAVE PTT software, you can have voice interoperability between your MOTOTRBO Nitro system and with many of the devices you may already own, such as:

  • MOTOTRBO portable two-way radios
  • MOTOTRBO mobile two-way radios
  • TLK 100 WAVE portable two-way radios
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops/PC’s

WAVE PTT: Leveraging Kodiak technology for seamless interoperability  

WAVE is a broadband PTT solution that incorporates industry-leading technology from Kodiak. Through our mobile app or user-friendly online interface, WAVE allows for clear PTT communication and shared talkgroups among a variety of systems and devices. WAVE PTT software allows shared talk groups between MOTOTRBO LMR, MOTOTRBO Nitro, smartphones, PC’s, and TLK 100 radios. Now you can enjoy instant, seamless communication with staff — whether they’re down the road or halfway around the world.

Build on your network today with MOTOTRBO Nitro.

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