September 22, 2014 by Motorola Solutions

How Mobile Technology is Helping the Food Industry Keep Our Food Safe

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Thanks to mobile technology, monitoring food preparation to ensure food safety is now easier than ever before.


It seems like every time I turn around, there’s a new story questioning the safety of our food supply. And that concerns me. Because I want to know that the food my family is eating is safe. I’m not alone. Today, 40% consumers report they are “extremely concerned” about food safety in restaurants – and that number has been growing each year, according to a survey by the research consultancy Technomic.


Of course, I’m less worried than most consumers. Because I know there’s a group of food suppliers, distributors and retailers dedicated to keeping our food supply safe. And that’s why I’m so excited about the role mobile technology is playing in keeping food safe.


Mobile technology makes it easy to follow Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) food safety standard guidelines because it eliminates the paper from the compliance process.


With mobile technology, restaurants can now track and control every single aspect that affects food safety using wireless devices armed with temperature probes and a sophisticated yet easy-to-use software system.


These mobile devices let you electronically monitor every aspect of food preparation that affects the safety of our food – from hand-washing to checking cooking and storage temperatures – in real-time. They even alert kitchen staff when a critical measurement hasn’t been recorded. Food stays safe throughout the entire preparation process from the loading dock to when it arrives on the plate.


Plus, the mobile devices automatically save data they collect for future analysis. This means that restaurant chains can upload data from one or hundreds of restaurants to analyze the food preparation process online. And if something does go wrong, it can be corrected immediately.


While hundreds of restaurants are already using mobile technology to improve the safety of the food they serve every day, there are many that can benefit by automating paper based manual processes.


I’m guessing you wouldn’t get on an aircraft if a pilot hadn’t completed his FAA-approved flight safety checklist. So why would you eat the food on your plate if a restaurant hasn’t completed its food-safety checklist?



September is Food Safety Month, but FMI, the Food Marketing Institute, knows that food safety experts live food safety month 365 days a year.
They are sharing resources to help Food Safety professionals. Read a very informative blog by FMI President and CEO Leslie Sarasin called “From Silence to Celebration; Creating Chatter about Food Safety.”


Motorola Solutions is excited to be working with innovative companies that are taking solid steps to make our food supply safer. And we’re proud to supply the mobile technology that helps them accomplish this life-saving goal. To learn more visit or

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