January 19, 2022 by Daniel Wilburn

The Best Camera to Start Your License Plate Recognition Program

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Today, we’ve announced the launch of the L6Q quick-deploy license plate recognition camera. This innovative new product combines our sophisticated license plate recognition (LPR) capabilities with consumer-grade ease of installation to deliver rapid vehicle location insights to our customers. Whether you’re looking to start a license plate recognition program or expand upon an existing one, this new camera gives you the flexibility you need.

The L6Q is designed to make LPR technology accessible to more police departments and businesses by being easily installed almost anywhere – no permanent infrastructure required. If necessary, it can even be quickly taken down and re-installed. Powered by an internal, high-capacity battery, solar panel or AC/DC direct line input, and transmitting scan data over cellular networks, it is the perfect option for targeted investigations, securing events and adding an extra layer of protection to crime hotspots.

L6Q App-Based Install

Installation is simple, with lag bolts or band straps. Configuration and activation takes place from our upgraded Vigilant Mobile Companion application. It securely pairs with the camera using a unique QR code, prompts the installer for credentials, provides live-video aiming and once confirmed, is ready to start scanning – no professional installer required. Once in operation, the camera upload status, battery health, location and more is fully monitored so that you can make sure scanning never stops.

On-board the L6Q, our new radar-based triggering mechanism can be configured for vehicles moving at specific speed thresholds, up to 75 MPH, and directions of travel, up to 75 feet away. The long-range, integrated infrared (IR) illumination and a new starlight sensor enable you to scan vehicles even in complete darkness. Beyond the license plate, the L6Q will also collect vehicle make, model, color and speed data – all of which is searchable and filterable in Vigilant PlateSearch.

Man installs the L6Q

 With user experience the forefront goal of this camera, we’ve added some additional features to the camera to make life easier for our customers. The L6Q can be ordered with an optional rapid deploy carry case that makes storage, transport and installation of the camera even easier. Additionally, the camera includes a shroud component that can be painted to blend in with its surroundings or comply with any community building color requirements.

To say we are excited about this camera would be an understatement. Our team has worked incredibly hard over the past year, working with customers to bring this to life and we couldn’t be more pleased with the result. If you want to learn more about the L6Q, visit our website or feel free to contact us.

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