July 6, 2020 by Brittany Thomas

Record Critical Evidence After the Fact

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after the fact recording“Without Record-After-the-Fact, we wouldn’t have had the entire corroborating story. It’s going to solve crimes for you. That’s a no-brainer.” Theodore Stroope, Sergeant for Des Moines Police Department.

In a moment, things can change for law enforcement officers. From a citizen perspective now more than ever the community deserves the entire truth captured without discrepancies. It is law enforcement’s duty to be equipped with the right resources to enhance their citizen interactions. Technology is one of those aids.

In 2017, three Des Moines Police Department Officers were involved in the fatal shooting of a 29 year old woman. The situation unfolded so quickly, the record button wasn’t hit until it was too late. When a serious incident occurs and there is a need for absolute focus, sometimes there just isn’t enough time to press record. The opportunity to capture critical video evidence is lost. Record-After-the-Fact® is patented innovative technology that provides the ability to go back in time and capture the video from the event, days after it happened. 

With Record After the Fact, a camera is constantly recording. After an incident, footage can be retrieved from the camera’s memory by an authorized personnel several days after the event. This video footage can then be leveraged as evidence and presented to the department and the public. 

This powerful capability exclusive to Motorola Solutions’ WatchGuard 4RE in-car and V300 body-worn camera systems ensures critical incidents get recorded, builds community trust and provides transparency of the incident and officer actions. Now more than ever, public safety agencies have been looking for the next generation of video security & analytics technology. Through trusted technology, the Des Moines Police Department was able to tell the full story and the officers were exonerated.  

Why is this technology important for your public safety agency? 

Maintain Trust in the Community 

The footage captured provided transparency on the fatal shooting of the woman by the three police officers. When officers pulled into a driveway the initial intent was to stop and check on suspicious behavior. When pulling into the driveway, the woman sprinted from officers and fired a shot with a handgun, which resulted in the return of fire from officers. Record-After-the-Fact was able to help deliver critical footage on the incident and provide the evidence to the department and the public. Community transparency was given by providing evidence that showed every detail of the incident. 

Officer and Community Reassurance 

When the incident occurred, having the right video evidence that captured all details was essential and created a safeguard for both the officers and the community. Building a collaboration with the community and law enforcement developed a trusted partnership, which is important for today’s public safety environment. Because of an integrated system that ensured evidence was captured when recording wasn’t initiated, Record-After-the-Fact assured both officers and the community that they were receiving the entire corroborating story. 

Leverage Investment to the Fullest 

Record-After-the-Fact is an investment that helps you get the most from your body-worn and in-car camera systems, because there will be times when something happens in front of the officer that wasn’t apparent to them initially. The ability to capture footage from unforeseen circumstances is crucial and that video can be leveraged as critical evidence. For the Des Moine Police Department, this meant recovering crucial video evidence of the actions which led to a fatal shooting. For the Des Moine Police Department, this meant recovering video they never expected was important.

Record-After-the-Fact gives your agency the advantage you need to be the best in the moments that matter. This innovative technology ensures accountability and transparency between public safety and the public and helps to build a trusted partnership between community and law enforcement. Now more than ever, it is essential to have the next generation of video security and analytics technology for today’s public safety environment. Motorola Solutions is a trusted partner in bringing you into the future of public safety. To learn more about Record-After-the-Fact, visit us at www.motorolasolutions.com/ratf 

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