September 30, 2019 by Ben Ansell

Simplifying Public Safety Radio Management

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Simplifying Public Safety Radio ManagementTime is a critical asset. Yet traditional radio programming – whether it’s provisioning, maintenance or updating – takes up far too much valuable time and resources. 

With thousands of subscriber units, hundreds of unique profiles and increasingly limited IT resources, updating a radio fleet can take months. In fact, for a standard-sized fleet of 1,000 radios, initial device programming can take an entire month. For fleet software and security updates, that timeframe skyrockets to nearly six months.

This bottleneck can have a major ripple effect across the entire agency. Delivery of newly purchased radios are delayed as technicians have to unpack and program units before delivering them into officers’ hands. Devices needing updates are spending more time in the radio shop and less time in the field keeping first responders safe. And critical IT personnel are consumed by routine maintenance tasks.

Compare this to today’s cellular devices. When new software updates are available, users are notified and able to immediately install new features. 

By embracing the capabilities of the cloud, the future of device provisioning and updating will radically reduce the time and resources needed for radio management and maintenance – from months to minutes. This will allow agencies to save valuable time and keep devices in the hands of first responders.

Initial cloud-based programming will enable technicians to remotely prepare radios before they arrive. As a result, new devices can be sent directly to personnel securely and without requiring any radio handling – accelerating procurement and deployment. Remote updating and continuous security patching will enable organizations to keep radios up-to-date in the field – with zero touch and zero downtime. 

Imagine what public safety agencies will be able to do if officers were able to spend more time on the streets, engaging with the community and less time in the radio shop.

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