March 26, 2021 by Megan Engels

Strengthen Collaboration With A Common Technology Platform

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The variety, velocity and volume of data flooding your organization can be overwhelming — and all of this data is only as powerful as what you can do with it. The more people and systems that interact with this data, the higher the risk to your organization. Unify data across your operations and enable powerful analytics on a secure and certified data platform. This helps organizations make more informed decisions, recognize trends, and gain insight to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Centralizing data makes it easier to meet critical compliance requirements and extract new insights with deep analytics that support real-time decision making.

Sharing information safely between teams, workflows and different technologies accelerates operations and adds intelligence. Motorola Solutions offers a unique ecosystem of solutions, built on a common platform to provide you with the intelligence your teams need. Our Unified Data Platform centralizes your data and unifies your workflows on a secure foundation, so you can collaborate more easily and make more informed decisions.

Let’s explore four ways the Motorola Solutions Unified Data Platform can benefit your organization:

Automate event flows

Conventional workflows, which are typically handled manually on a one-by-one basis, can lead to missed events or delayed response. Automating event flows — mapping interactions between your systems and automating real-time responses — can save your team time and minimize resource needs. For non-critical events, the workflow can be scripted to require little to no human intervention. Potentially critical incidents can be surfaced for you to verify, so you can coordinate your response with real-time data and take appropriate action. See the power of automated event flows in action through Motorola Solutions’ Orchestrate and Avigilon’s Focus of Attention

Integrate workflows

Workflows can be complex. It takes a variety of applications and tools to accomplish critical tasks, and introducing new technologies often introduces new complexities. Many times applications are outdated, have different experiences for users, and have ‒ at best ‒ “swivel chair” integration. Teams today are frustrated by data silos, outdated tools, and inefficient application integrations, all forcing them to enter data multiple times, in multiple places, using tools that don’t look and operate the same. When you replace disparate, disconnected, and costly processes with one consistent system, the impact is obvious. See what’s possible when you deliver the right information to the right people at the right time with our integrated, end-to-end Command Center Software Suite.

Optimize the user experience 

The public safety industry presents unique and evolving challenges in regard to the tools you need to do your job well. Our human-centered design teams spend hundreds of hours in the field annually to develop intuitive applications that streamline workflows across the industry’s first and only public safety ecosystem. A consistent user experience, across a cohesive suite of applications, means you can focus less on where to click and more on the tasks and people in front of you. But this is more than just individual intuitive applications  — by collecting these solutions together with a consistent design DNA, users navigate between applications with confidence. And administrators can manage user permissions and add new users once,  across the entire workflow, from a single interface.

Strengthen communications

Clear communication is critical ‒ whether it’s a major incident, or simply coordinating every day activities between teams and departments. It can also be surprisingly complicated when your team is spread across multiple networks, coverage areas and device types. Instead of forcing users to carry multiple devices, or even worse, the wrong device for their needs, imagine connecting all of the necessary networks together, to dynamically route communications over the best network to apps on the most suitable device. Preserve the integrity of your teams and minimize confusion by mapping existing workgroups across those same networks, allowing video, data, messages, voice and PTT to travel unimpeded. This enables personnel to collaborate in new ways and fully focus on the task at hand — confident that they have the information to be safe and effective. When you communicate without boundaries, efficiency will follow.

Trusted technologies built on the Motorola Solutions Unified Data Platform

Motorola Solutions has a trusted technology ecosystem, built on our common Platform, to bring consistency to your data, response, workflows, user experience and communications. It provides a secure foundation, unifies your people and technologies, and strengthens your decision-making so you can collaborate like never before. 

Our Platform is unified, centralizing your data for simplified access, powerful integrations and seamless growth. It’s actionable, so you can integrate real-time decision making with automation and deep analytics. And it’s secure, so you can trust that your operational data is safe both inside and outside your organization. 

Experience The Unified Data Platform difference ‒ only with Motorola Solutions.

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