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Take Command of Your Enterprise Software: Ally Security Incident Management

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Is your security operations team struggling to prevent and respond to security incidents? Technology is constantly changing, and you’re not alone if you feel like you’re having a hard time keeping up. Security operations organizations are grappling with rising numbers of physical security incidents, as well as high levels of staff turnover, potential liability exposure and an exploding volume of incident data and records. Additional challenges facing security organizations include budget restrictions, managing multiple limited, outdated and disparate systems or trying to communicate across many different devices.

Wouldn’t it be a relief if there was a solution that could simplify your operations by having all records and incident tracking done in one place? What if you could finally ditch the pen and paper method to bring your operations into the 21st century by using a cloud-based platform that not only streamlines your processes, but also helps you be better prepared in preventing and responding to security incidents? Your team would be able to truly take command of your enterprise software, empowering your organization to focus on what you do best. What if I told you that solution exists today? 

Ally: Simplified security incident management software

Ally Security Incident Management is a cloud-based software platform built specifically for security operations. It provides dispatch, incident and records management technology, as well as mass notifications, analytics and alarming capabilities. Ally is a critical member of the Motorola Solutions technology ecosystem, which we refer to as “Safety Reimagined”. 

Unify voice, data, video and analytics across devices, people and locations 

Safety Reimagined enables your organization to make powerful connections by creating an integrated and intelligent ecosystem, allowing your team to work together more safely and efficiently. This ecosystem offers instant voice communications to reliably connect teams across workflows and zones. Video analytics technologies allow teams to quickly identify and track points of interest across widespread areas. Our advanced software centralizes command everyday and during emergencies and is the “glue” that connects the ecosystem elements. An integral member of the software portfolio, Ally Security Incident Management enhances incident response and reduces risk across organizations.  

An easy, simple and powerful security system

Security teams don’t have the time or resources to implement and learn complicated technology systems. Most industries say their top priority is to protect their staff and others with enhanced safety features and automatic alerts. However, this is sometimes easier said than done. 

According to a 2021 Motorola Solutions’ education survey, when it comes to improving safety in schools, nearly 40% of respondents said their security systems either “need improvement” or are only “adequately” meeting their needs. Also mentioned in the survey were a few of the top barriers to improving school communications and safety technologies, including insufficient funding, budget being applied to other technologies and a lack of familiarity with new technologies. 

Similar to the education vertical, those in the manufacturing and hospitality industries are facing similar challenges to improving their systems. Some of the top challenges included staffing challenges, burdens of legacy systems, budget issues and limited knowledge of available technology. 

On the other hand, Ally streamlines your security incident management and communications with one, easy-to-use platform. That means everything your security operation needs is in one place. Simple walkthroughs and help tools assist your team in taking command of your operations, including options for customizing certain Ally dashboard features to fit your organization’s needs. Depending on the size of your organization, Ally can be implemented and ready to use in three hours or less. Ally’s user-friendly design makes it easy to train employees online in as little as one hour, even if they have limited or no software experience. Working with one, simple product can alleviate the worries and pressures of adjusting to a new technology system.  

Instant communication across multiple devices

91% of respondents said they’re using multiple devices to communicate with members of their team.

Another challenge facing security operations is being able to communicate quickly and efficiently with their teams. In a 2021 Motorola Solutions healthcare communications survey, 91% of respondents said they’re using multiple devices to communicate with members of their team. Education staff are also struggling to communicate over multiple forms of communication, which include email, two-way radios, cell phones, text messaging, landlines and overhead paging systems. With so many means of communication, it can be difficult to get critical information to the right people quickly and efficiently. This can pose serious risks to employees as well as the people and assets they’re trying to protect. 

Ally ensures your team stays connected with fast, secure and reliable voice communication and information sharing across workstations, smartphones and radios. You can equip your field personnel with the devices and networks that work best for you, including MOTOTRBO™ professional two-way radios, WAVE two-way radios, smartphones or tablets. For dispatch and management, you can see where resources are located, improving your response time and efficiency. 

In the event of an emergency, such as a hazardous material spill, inclement weather or an active shooter, Ally’s mass notification capabilities get the critical information to the right people at the right time. Using the same security incident management and mass notification platform saves your organization money and streamlines your critical operations. 

Improved insights for accurate reporting

Security operations understand how important it is to have transparent and thorough information when it comes to responding to and then eventually reporting on security incidents. We already know that a top priority for security operations is protecting employees and others with safety features. Respondents in the Motorola Solutions’ 2021 education survey said other top priorities included automatic alerts when a potential safety, security or emergency incident arises, and the ability to access video, apps and other forms of data. 

Educational professionals surveyed said automatic alerts and access to data are top priorities.

Respondents in Motorola Solutions’ 2021 healthcare communications survey indicated they are planning to invest in video security, incident management and access control within the next five years. While many organizations are already utilizing access control technology, there is still room for improvement. Advances in security technology are enabling better integration between video security and communications technology, allowing real-time alerts to unfolding incidents to be sent directly to the devices teams use most. Being able to detect threats earlier allows your team to minimize their incident response time, preventing incidents and maximizing the value of your other security investments.  

As part of the Motorola Solutions Enterprise Command Center Software ecosystem, Ally has integrations with access control technology as well as video security alerts and capabilities. With help from Ally Security Incident Management, you can enhance your organization’s decision-making with help from embedded analytics and reports for fast trend analysis, proactive security planning and reduced liability. Customizable fields help you efficiently collect data and complete accurate reports. Daily activity logs and other built-in analytics summarize the data in your system to identify trends, adjust responses and report to stakeholders. 


The security incident management system of your dreams is within reach. Ally Security Incident Management is simple to use and easy to set up, solving those budget issues and the learning curve that comes with adopting new technology. Ally’s mass notification capabilities mean your team gets real-time information to the right people instantly and across multiple devices. That means your team can stay connected, no matter their location. Lastly, being able to quickly identify threats and trends not only helps your team adjust your response to incidents but also means you can proactively plan for the future and prevent security incidents. 

With Motorola Solutions’ business-critical ecosystem, you can better secure your people, protect their property, streamline operations and truly take command of your enterprise software. Integrating your technology helps your team work safer and faster, from response to resolution, with less susceptibility to disruptions and threats. With this foundation of safety in place, your organization can thrive. Your employees can feel more comfortable in the workplace, resources are better allocated and efficiencies are realized throughout all operations. 

Learn more about the solutions that make up the Motorola Solutions’ Enterprise Command Center Software ecosystem. Be sure to watch for our next installment in the Take Command of Your Enterprise Software series coming soon. 

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