February 28, 2019 by Adam Schwartz

The Evolution of Digital Evidence Management Beyond Body-Worn

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Industries: 9-1-1 & Law Enforcement

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When building a successful case, bringing all the evidence together for prosecution is critical. However, gathering digital evidence from various sources is becoming an ever-increasing challenge for agencies. Digital content exists in many forms from body-worn camera video, to CCTV footage, crime scene photos, interviews, Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) recordings, and other Records Management Systems (RMS) attachments, and it is often stored in numerous information “silos” making it difficult to maintain and share. What is your agency doing to simplify and consolidate workflows for officers, analysts and command staff and ensure faster, more successful prosecutions?

Consolidate the Storage and Management of Your Digital Evidence

Motorola Solutions’ CommandCentral Vault digital evidence management software is a one-stop-shop for storing and managing your digital evidence. It eliminates “silos” and seamlessly integrates content from an ecosystem of solutions. Vault is powered by smart data correlation engines that automatically organize digital evidence, making it easy to search, manage, review and share, all from a consolidated case view.

CommandCentral Vault’s security protocols establish a chain of custody at capture, in transit, and storage. It is CJIS compliant cloud-based, subscribed to as-a-service, ensuring information security, with predictable cost. See how it works.

New to the Digital Evidence Family: Si200 Body-Worn Video Camera

Integrated into CommandCentral Vault, the Si200 body-worn video camera is the newest addition to the Motorola Solutions digital evidence ecosystem. Designed as an easy to deploy and rapidly adjustable device, the Si200 enables the video capture necessary for investigations. Once footage is captured on the Si200, all video content is securely uploaded to CommandCentral Vault and correlated to a particular case file. Together, the Si200 and CommandCentral Vault deliver a complete consolidated evidence package to ultimately be shared with judicial partners, ensuring justice is achieved.

The Si200 is equipped with all the features you expect from a body-worn video camera. It has a rugged, compact and lightweight design, and includes an extended battery life of 13+ hours. With easy to use controls and extended 64GB memory, the Si200 enables your responders with a wide field of view, pre-buffering and configurable recording resolution. It’s equipped with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and a companion smartphone app so that officers can review and tag video evidence in the field and upload it without returning to the station.  

The Si200 includes additional GPS features which package your video footage with embedded metadata based on the location of the captured video. Now, when the video evidence is uploaded to Vault it is automatically correlated using the location data with information from other systems such as a Computer Aided Dispatch or Records Management System. This integration makes digital content easier to search, manage and review in alongside all other case-related digital evidence, before sharing with judicial partners.

Leverage all content across your agency to make your operations more efficient and effective from capture to courtroom with one ecosystem that is connected into a singular content management solution.

Get Started with a Special Offer: Free Si200 with 5-Year CommandCentral Vault Subscription

For a limited time, receive an Si200 body-worn camera at no cost with the purchase of a 5-year CommandCentral Vault digital evidence management software license. Learn more and redeem the offer today.

Join the National Sheriff’s Association Webinar, Beyond Body-Worn: Boulder County’s Digital Evidence Strategy

Hear directly from Boulder County Sheriff’s Office and learn how their department is leveraging body-worn cameras, an evidence-grade smartphone camera application, and digital evidence management software to effectively capture video footage, instantly upload multimedia files from any location, and quickly access content for review or redaction – all while maintaining evidence integrity. Register for the webinar, scheduled for May 14, 2:00 – 3:00 pm CST.

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