May 25, 2021 by Peter Jorjorian

Want to Reduce Security Response Times and Maximize Resources? Do it with Orchestrate.

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Safety should never be the cost of a lack of innovation. At least that is the opinion of Todd Biwer, our Safety Reimagined expert and Go-To-Market lead with a background in engineering. During the webinar on May 12, Security Technology Automation: Put Intelligent Eyes on the Scene, Todd spoke about Orchestrate’s ability to automate workflows and manage operations using an integrated technology ecosystem. In the webinar, viewers learned about the possibilities that open up when they reimagine the ways to integrate the security technology they use everyday. 

Your organization is being continually challenged to do more with less-and to do it quickly. That’s where Orchestrate comes in. Todd mentioned that Orchestrate is a cost effective way to maximize what you already have, to do more than it can today in ways. The webinar covered the ways that Orchestrate unifies technology in your ecosystem. Why does this matter? Because when your technology communicates and connects with each other, information can seamlessly flow from cameras to radios to the people who need it, and that makes organizations work smarter and faster. Overall decision making improves with everyone in sync.

A key takeaway is that although Orchestrate is a high tech, next generation software — managing it doesn’t require an IT team. Automation through Orchestrate, means an intuitive user experience that invites security teams to take control of their security workflows. This is a tool that can be easily utilized by your security team in order to detect, analyze, communicate, and respond to threats and emergencies. Businesses should not be left behind in the increase of automated workflows. Rather, they should be included and seen as a necessary part of keeping their employees and the public safe. With Orchestrate, teams can ensure that they are being given a tool that enhances their operations, not replaces their skillset. 

To learn more about Orchestrate and how it serves as the glue for your safety solutions, watch the webinar here

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