March 26, 2021 by Megan Estey

What’s the Big Deal about Unified Data?

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You are faced with an overwhelming amount of data ‒ and it’s only continuing to increase. It’s structured and unstructured. It’s coming in from so many different sources that it’s easy to miss connections and trends. And no matter how much data you have, it won’t be useful unless you can put it to work for your organization. What it comes down to is proper data management. A unified data platform can be transformative to public safety operations if it can be centralized and harnessed to fuel analytics. 

What is a Unified Data Platform?

A unified data platform centralizes data across your operations ‒ for public safety this can include anything from video feeds and multimedia records to citizen inputs and group communications ‒ and enables powerful analytics on a secure and certified cloud platform. This helps agencies make more informed decisions, recognize trends, and gain insight to improve efficiency and effectiveness. 

How does Unified Data benefit public safety?

Siloed and disconnected data sets slow you down, can lead to missed insights and put you at risk. Centralizing your data in a unified data platform enables insights, increases collaboration and mitigates risk.

Let’s explore four ways a unified data platform can benefit public safety operations:

  • Find the information you need, faster: Searching separate applications and manually compiling results creates a fragmented search experience that slows your teams down. Worse yet is using clunky and expensive form-based federated search products. Consolidating all of your data in a unified data platform makes it easy to conduct a free-text search across all your agency data from a single search bar. You can even save common searches that dynamically update with new content. 
  • Turn data into intelligence: When connections are missed between cases or evidence, operations slow. This lack of insight means it takes longer to close cases. Intelligent insights and reporting help uncover linkages between disparate data sources and surface recommendations to improve operations across the workflow. Centralizing large volumes of data helps to identify patterns and connections you may have otherwise lost, flag trends that require attention and surface them to the correct user, team or supervisor.
  • Focus on what matters most: Re-entering incident data over and over again, while manually tagging evidence, typing out officer narratives and transcribing audio files takes away valuable time and focus from the incident. Automate data entry and management through Machine Learning, including time/location, evidence tagging, assisted narrative, transcription, and form completion. New data is constantly added to the platform, strengthening the learning dataset to accelerate and assist decision-making. 
  • Comply with security requirements easily: When your systems have many users, combined with a lack of consistent access and audit policies, you increase the risk to your security and compliance. A unified data platform makes it easier to manage users and permission structures from one administrative interface and enables single sign-on across all approved applications. It also improves accountability with the ability to track and audit user activity, while setting restrictions on sensitive data. 

Transform Operations with the Motorola Solutions Unified Data Platform

Big Data Platform

When data is centralized, secure and positioned to yield timely analytics, it leads to more informed decisions through advanced insights. Motorola Solutions builds next generation software on a Unified Data Platform, making it easier for your organization to store, manage, share and use your data. The more data you add to the common platform, the more powerful your operations become. And every solution you add strengthens your Unified Data Platform and improves operations across your workflows. Take advantage of one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. Make sure your data is working for you in the Motorola Solutions Unified Data Platform.


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