October 18, 2023 by Jackson Neff

Making the Call – New 10-21 Police Phone Integration with PremierOne Mobile and Flex Touch

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officer using police phone appHow many digits can you remember? 

Are you old enough to remember the days when memorizing important phone numbers was a key day-to-day skill? Do you remember days when companies would have memorable phone numbers and catchy jingles to help drive business? As cell phones and smartphones have become prevalent technology, we assumed that the need to remember phone numbers would stop. But that is certainly not the case! Many apps and web pages haven’t enabled automatic dialing. 

This problem is annoying in day-to-day interactions. In practice, you may find a phone number on a website right in your mobile phone but if there’s no link to dial it, you are required to remember as you switch to the phone app to dial. This can be a real problem as according to a 2009 study, most people can remember only seven digits from one moment to the next. Unless you are gifted with a strong memory, you’re likely switching back and forth between the two apps to complete the call. But for responders and those who interact with the public during incidents and investigations, this inefficiency can stand in the way of the task at hand and potentially remove focus from their surroundings. 

New integration makes dialing faster while protecting officer privacy


For organizations using PremierOne Mobile, a new update allows responders to dial a phone number directly from the PremierOne app. Users can now simply tap on any phone number within the app, and it will automatically dial the number for them. Gone are the days of memorizing ten-digit numbers or switching between apps. This innovative enhancement ensures that officers can stay focused on their tasks, without this additional distraction. It’s a small but powerful improvement that makes a world of difference. 

And better yet? We’re excited to announce a new integration for both PremierOne Mobile and Flex Touch that allows users to choose if they want to take advantage of the popular 10-21 Police Phone app when dialing from Flex Touch or PremierOne Mobile. This means with a single touch, officers can contact who they need to without exiting the app, all while benefiting from the features of 10-21 Police Phone for no additional charge.

Make calls that get answered while protecting your privacy with 10-21 Police Phone


What do you do when you need to make a follow-up call after an incident? Often, you’re left with no choice but to give out your personal phone number – jeopardizing your privacy. If you block your number, the chances of the call getting answered drop drastically. The 10-21 Police Phone app was created to help. 

10-21 is radio code for “make a phone call,” and that’s what the app is designed to do. The difference with 10-21 Police Phone is that calls get answered while protecting your privacy by providing an identifiable, virtual phone number to use from a personal device – keeping police work and personal life separate.

The app’s popularity has grown significantly since its launch in 2015. Over 250,000 unique law enforcement users make 15,000 calls per day, while the app has facilitated over 1.6 million citizen callback requests. By providing a communication tool that protects privacy and increases answer rates, 10-21 Police Phone helps agencies build trust in their communities.  

Building value for customers with intuitive integrations

Organizations using PremierOne Mobile and Flex have seen many new features released this year, all designed to improve situational awareness and the efficiency of incident response. These features include user-submitted ideas taken directly from the product Idea Portals

“We are passionate about helping first responders increase their efficiency and this new integration with 10-21 Police Phone does just that by providing new dialing options for officers,” said Josh Smith, Director of Product Management for Response & Reporting. “We are excited to provide solutions that continue to simplify their workflows.”

Learn more about how 10-21 Police Phone is helping to protect officer privacy.

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