December 6, 2016 by Josie Slaughter

4 Ways to Maximize Time During the Busy PSAP Season

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We are all busy people. We understand the need to make every minute count. A quick search of Google turns up advice on how to maximize the minute to: train for a triathlon, make the most of a vacation, teach in a classroom, improve brain power, start an exercise program, enjoy the holidays and so on.


Holiday Tips to Maximize Time
Based on Forbes, some suggestions for maximizing time during the holidays:

-Break down goals into steps

-Know when to say no

-Be present

-Don’t worry about other commitments

-Above all enjoy nurturing social times


Agencies need to Maximize the Minute, Too
When responding to a cry for help from the citizens there are several ways to make the most of every minute.



    1. Capture citizen inputs efficiently
    2. Dispatch the right resources to the right places
    3. Access information in the field for effective response
    4. Wrap up an incident and record relevant information



stop watch


Capture citizen inputs efficiently

Agencies need to start by capturing citizen information more efficiently. Today 70% of citizens are using cellular phones to make calls to 9-1-11.

With over 240 million calls to 9-1-1 every year, this means about 170 million calls are coming in from cell phones or smart devices. As citizens use cell phones as their primary communication device, they also believe they should be able to text to 9-1-1


Dispatch the right resources to the right places

Information is no longer just a verbal message. It now involves identifying the closest available resources, receiving inputs from 9-1-1 finding relevant historical data based on an incident location and sharing that information quickly to the field.


Access information in the field for effective response

Most first responders have computers in their vehicles to receive information from the dispatch center quicker however to maximize response applications need to extend beyond the vehicle. Applications are a mainstay to doing their job right, says 67% of respondents to a 2016 Policeone survey. When an officer leaves the vehicle, information needs to follow as well.


Wrap up an incident and record relevant information

Once a perpetrator is caught, the responding officer has multiple processes to complete before actually booking an offender. This can be a laborious task, often requiring the officer to spend hours in the station house but with an automate the booking process- the workflow can be condensed.


Making every second count, requires a software platform that is designed specifically for public safety with a seamless flow of information at every step along the incident response work stream. From the moment a call comes into 9-1-1, agencies need tools that quickly go to work sharing information in less than five keystrokes with dispatch where the right resources are identified, plotted on a map and quickly dispatched to the scene of an incident. This seamless flow of information between call taking and dispatch can save critical seconds when time is most critical.


New PremierOne software updates are now available to help maximize the four stages of incident management and workflow efficiencies.




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