April 9, 2019 by David Horn

ASTRO KVL 5000: Encrypting Critical Communications

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Industries: 9-1-1 & Law Enforcement Fire & EMS

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Imagine: an offender is able to intercept radio communications from responding officers; the public gains access to radio traffic during a major incident, causing increased crowds and creating additional risks; a criminal group intercepts surveillance communications involving stakeout details, compromising the investigation.

In today’s highly-connected world, you want your communications and transferred data to remain secure and protected from compromise, so that it cannot be used to hinder emergency response, impede investigation and surveillance, or endanger the public. You want to be able to share specific details and information without the potential of being intercepted or hacked. However, as agencies expand and capabilities increase, securing communications is getting more and more complex.

Enter End-to-End Radio Traffic Encryption

Using end-to-end radio traffic encryption protects communications and provides much needed privacy and security. This layer of security enables organizations to ensure their shared information and communications are safe.

With the KVL 5000, Motorola Solutions has created a next-generation encryption key loader. Customer-driven design and functionality ensures the KVL 5000 provides the advanced levels of data protection and ease-of-use your organization needs. From scope of concept and 3D-printed models to beta testing and controlled launch, customers were called on to assess and evaluate, ensuring the creation of a true solution that meets their needs.

The KVL 5000 enables your agency to generate, transport and load encryption keys, securely and efficiently, into communication products – ensuring your information is protected and your confidential data remains safe. The KVL 5000 is the only P25 keyloader on the market that utilizes a hardware security module (HSM) to protect its encryption keys. Multiple and automatic keyload options allow you to load more than one key as well as pick the keys to load and have them automatically sent to multiple radios in sequence – increasing efficiency.

If your organization has a large radio fleet, a Key Management Facility (KMF) introduces the ability for remote rekeying with Over-the-Air Rekeying (OTAR). Once your devices have been securely provisioned with the KVL 5000, KMF allows all radios remotely located in the field to update their encryption keys over the air through a secure information system. With OTAR, your organization can solve the logistical problem of maintaining secure wireless communications and eliminate the burden of manually rekeying radios on a regular basis – ultimately saving you time and effort.

In today’s interconnected, technology-focused world, it is critical that crucial public safety information and communications is protected. Encrypting this data will significantly decrease the risk that this sensitive information can be used for malicious means. With the KVL 5000, your organization can achieve higher levels of data security and trust – all while maintaining advanced service levels and business agility.

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