June 17, 2021 by Peter Jorjorian

Back to Business – Safely

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Travel is on the upswing – airports and highways are bustling. Sporting venues are welcoming back fans to the bleachers at full capacity. Families are finally making long-awaited visits to theme parks. COVID is (apparently) behind us and summer is upon us. Bring on the fun. 

But we all know that behind the fun, with these operations – airports, stadiums, theme parks – really, wherever large numbers of people gather – there needs to be a foundation of safety that connects operations and gives individuals peace of mind. 

At Motorola Solutions we take safety seriously, making sure that our technology ecosystem and safety are deeply connected. Because the technologies that make us safer can also make us better at everything we do – a technology ecosystem that is unified by a common platform built to empower airports, stadiums, theme parks and more to address the unique challenges of their operations. We’ve made that vision real by creating the first  mission-critical ecosystem that integrates video, radio and software to provide a seamless workflow and helps solve a wide variety of operational and safety challenges. We call it Safety Reimagined.

Imagine how that integrated workflow could make all the difference the next time you’re at the ballpark. In a hypothetical situation, a fan stumbles on the way to their seat, and has obviously hurt themselves quite badly. Within moments, an employee presses an emergency button on their radio, smart phone, or otherwise – instantly notifying appropriate resources within the ballpark directly on their devices as well as in the facility command center. The security command center receives the alert including the location information and the user’s profile. Nearby fixed video and body worn camera feeds, based on proximity to the event, are automatically populated for situational awareness and additional analytics can be run. After evaluating the situation, security staff validate that public safety assistance is needed and directly alerts public safety while also quickly sharing the batch of relevant video intelligence feeds with them. Internal resources are coordinated to contain the incident using two-way communications and multimedia intelligence until public safety arrives. Following the incident resolution, a pre-populated incident record is completed with additional information and multimedia for documentation, follow-up and staff training. While this scenario might seem futuristic, it’s actually not. Everything I’ve mentioned above – the seamless and immediate connection between people, process and technology – can be accomplished today using our one connected technology ecosystem. 

The bottom line is that outcomes improve when the foundation of safety connects with technology. At Motorola Solutions, we build technologies that allow people to collaborate in more powerful ways, streamlining, accelerating and automating workflows while also promoting transparency and trust. No matter where your focus is – airports, stadiums, theme parks or even schools, hospitals, manufacturing or utilities – we look forward to talking with you about how our integrated technology ecosystem can be a game-changer for your operations.

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