June 30, 2021 by Lynne Houserman

CommandCentral: Delivering the Industry’s Only Complete, 360° Incident

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Industries: 9-1-1 & Law Enforcement

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In the same way it takes multiple teams working together to accomplish critical tasks, first responders require a variety of applications and tools to do their jobs. These applications are often outdated, have different experiences for users, and have ‒ at best ‒ “swivel chair” integration. Motorola Solutions partnered with public safety to design an end-to-end experience that addresses these challenges head-on. 

Today Motorola Solutions announces the launch of CommandCentral, the complete software suite with cloud-native applications connecting every stage from call to case closure. CommandCentral brings clarity to decisions and simplifies collaborative workflows, all enabled by the complete 360° Incident. 

What is the 360° Incident?


The public safety workflow doesn’t just move in one direction. Information flows back and forth between different teams, and even between agencies and the community. Keeping this information in data silos, without consistency and secure access between teams slows operations and increases risk. CommandCentral centralizes your information, using intelligent correlation to collect and build an accurate and complete case file as the incident unfolds, so you have a confident 360° view. 

Considerations for a Unified, Cloud-Native Public Safety Software Suite

1) Connect your teams, data and technologies: CommandCentral is powered by a secure cloud platform. Every data source is connected and unified to uncover actionable intelligence and automate what can be automated — so you can focus on what matters most.

  • Unified Data: Securely gather data across workflows in a centralized repository for greater insights and efficiency.
  • Robust Security: With a single administration point for users of all CommandCentral solutions, provisioning, permissions, password management and data interactions are simplified. 
  • Cloud Benefits: A single subscription for a software-as-a-service solution provides predictable pricing and controls IT costs. Easily support your agency’s changing workloads with the ability to add or remove users and storage as needed. New capabilities are immediately available, without requiring downtime for updates.

2) Improve collaboration with each other and the community: CommandCentral removes traditional technology barriers, strengthening collaboration and making interactions consistent and intuitive. Each application was designed in partnership with public safety, so it’s easy to learn, share, and bring teams, agencies, and communities together.

  • Common Services: Leverage a collection of backend services across a unified platform. Access critical information, such as location, maps, groups and identities within each application for greater consistency across operations. 
  • Intuitive User Interface: A suite of software from one provider delivers a consistent user experience across applications and devices to streamline operations. When all of your applications share the same DNA, it’s easier to seamlessly navigate within and transition between applications so you can focus on the incident.
  • Event Pipeline: When notifications and alerts are coming in from every application, there is no human way to inspect them all. Program a response or alert a human in the loop to investigate and resolve. 

3) Build the most complete case: CommandCentral automatically and intelligently correlates data as the case unfolds, building the most accurate, most complete case file, so your teams can go to court with confidence.

  • Reduced Data Reentry: Repeatedly entering the same data over and over again in different applications wastes valuable time. Pre-populate records and forms with existing data to build a more complete case faster.
  • Data Integrity: When data is inconsistent across applications, it’s not only frustrating but can increase risk due to human error. Promote more accurate and more consistent data between applications with a unified data platform and connected software suite.
  • Common Query: Provide a common way for applications to send and receive local, state, and national queries and pull this data directly into the incident view. 

Clarity from Call to Case Closure

CommandCentralTeams today are frustrated by data silos, outdated tools, and inefficient application integration, all forcing them to enter data multiple times, in multiple places, using tools that don’t look and operate the same. Our CommandCentral software suite is designed to bring clarity to your public safety workflow and the confidence that you have the right information, every time. From call to case closure, CommandCentral connects all data to create actionable intelligence, eliminates barriers to heighten collaboration and delivers the complete, 360° Incident.

We can’t wait for you to see CommandCentral in action. Explore the CommandCentral suite now

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