March 17, 2022 by Jaylyn Jimenez

Top 3 Ways Effective Communication Improves the Retail Experience

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Lessons from the Webinar about our Newest Business Radio

In a world where anything you could ask for can be purchased at the click of a button and delivered to your home  in just a couple days– retailers are doing their best to ensure that the in person shopping experience remains one that shoppers know and love. 

Retailers are looking for a solution that enhances communication no matter the scenario or circumstance. Keeping teams focused, connected, and productive are common denominators required for an excellent experience for customers, preventing loss, and maintaining safety and efficiency.  

Here are the outcomes of effective communication with Curve, Motorola Solutions newest business radio. Listen to Stay Ahead of the Curve to learn more about how these outcomes answer specific needs of retail. 

Teams Will Stay Focused

Remaining focused on the task at hand is key for maintaining efficiency in a bustling environment like a retail store while improving the in store experience for customers. Curve is packed with features specifically designed to address this need.

Its Voice Assistant capabilities reduce ear fatigue and minimize distraction by ensuring that associates are only receiving alerts that are relevant to them. Their radios should be a tool for success, not distraction. That’s why Voice Assistant, which cuts out unnecessary chatter is a great feature for enabling focus on the job. 

Teams Will Stay Connected

Curve is a land mobile radio with Wi-Fi capabilities as well. This means that users get the best of both worlds and don’t have to worry about losing connectivity during an event as extreme as a bad storm or as typical as network outage or power failure. With Curve’s land mobile communications your team can maintain connectivity at ranges up to 300K sq ft.

Additionally, teams will be able to stay connected with some legacy devices such as Motorola Solutions DLR or DTR radio series, and our call boxes which instantly connect customers to assistance. Quick and seamless connectivity amongst teammates is essential for increasing revenue in retail stores and keeping customers happy.

Teams Will Stay Productive

With resource and staffing shortages being a struggle of the retail industry, it’s more important than ever to enable productivity. Curve allows your radio to fill a gap in productivity by creating an efficient and flexible way to get the most out of its Voice Assistant. It can be used to log in and out, place private or group calls, and send voicemail messages to individuals or predefined groups. Whether the case be for store operations or aligning on an impromptu loss prevention effort, Curve ensures that the job gets done. 

It’s interoperability with call boxes allows associates to tend to their designated departments while ensuring that customers in other areas are always just a button push away — even on days where teams are understaffed. 

Another capability that enhances productivity is Curves extended battery life. This allows for longer talk times, making it easier for retail associates to be more productive throughout their entire shift. 

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Curve allows retail associates to stay focused, connected, and productive on the job no matter the circumstance. Learn more about Curves features and outcomes by listening to the webinar, Stay Ahead of the Curve.

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