June 13, 2024 by Joseph Morris

A Closer Look: Enhancing Hotel Safety with Body Cameras and Fixed Video Systems

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School is out, summer is here and vacation season has officially arrived! As hotels and restaurants gear up to handle an influx in business through the summer months, safety and security of both hospitality employees and guests remains a primary focus. From misbehaving and demanding guests to training and onboarding employees while maintaining the quality of customer service, it can be a challenging time for hotels. 

Investing in body cameras and fixed video systems offers enduring value to hotels year-round, instilling confidence in both guests and employees by providing a dependable means of safeguarding their well-being throughout their time at the hotel. 

How Body Cameras and Fixed Video Systems Enhance Hotel Safety

  1. Enhanced security: With more guests and potentially higher incidents of theft, vandalism or unruly behavior during peak seasons, the VB400 and VT100 body cameras and Avigilon fixed video system can deter unwanted behavior and provide evidence in case of incidents.
  2. Employee safety: Hotels can equip customer-facing staff with the VT100 body cameras to initiate an emergency for backup when they may encounter difficult or aggressive guests. When incidents arise, security personnel with the VB400 body camera can intervene and help de-escalate the situation. These devices can serve as a deterrent and provide documentation via VideoManager in case of any confrontations or disputes. 
  3. Liability protection: In the event of accidents or disputes involving guests, having video evidence from VB/VT body cameras and Avigilon fixed video system can help resolve claims more efficiently and accurately by reviewing evidence from the Avigilon Unity Video software connection. This can reduce liability risks for the hotel and potentially save costs associated with legal proceedings or settlements.

Implementing VB400 and VT100 body cameras and the Avigilon fixed video system can greatly benefit your hotel. These technologies enhance security measures, ensuring the safety of both guests and staff amidst increased activity. They also provide valuable evidence in case of incidents, protecting the hotel from liability risks. Moreover, by instilling confidence in guests and employees regarding their safety, these systems contribute to a positive and secure hospitality environment, ultimately enhancing the overall guest experience.

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