May 20, 2024 by Alex Masover

Hotel Panic Button Laws For Safer Hospitality

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Creating a safe environment for guests and staff has always been and always will be paramount in the hospitality industry. In fact, back in 2018, the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) launched its 5-Star Promise initiative, “a voluntary commitment by AHLA members to enhance policies, trainings, and resources, including employee safety devices, that together are aimed at strengthening safety and security for hotel employees and guests,” as defined on their website. 

With the ever-evolving landscape of hotel safety, states and cities are beginning to enact hotel panic button laws and regulations that require hotels to provide employees, particularly those working alone in guest rooms or other isolated areas, with panic buttons or emergency alert capabilities. These regulations aim to enable employees to quickly summon assistance in the event of harassment, assault or other threatening situations. By requiring hotels to provide panic button capabilities, policymakers aim to mitigate the risk of such incidents and ensure the well-being of hotel staff. To further align with these mandates and emphasize the importance of employee safety, one of the five components of AHLA’s 5-star-promise is “Employee Safety Devices: Provide U.S. hotel employees with employee safety devices to help them feel safe on the job.” It’s clear that hotel safety is a top priority for the hospitality industry, and panic buttons are at the forefront of it.

What is a hotel panic button?

Hotel panic buttons or emergency alert devices are tools designed to be easily accessible and allow the user to discreetly alert security personnel or management in case of an emergency or threatening situation. Implementing panic buttons in the hospitality industry aims to enhance employee safety and provide a rapid response to potentially dangerous situations. 

How do I know if my state or city has a hotel panic button law?

We compiled the latest information about hotel panic button laws at the state and local city levels. 

State-wide mandates

**updated in May 2024

Local mandates

**updated in May 2024

Choosing the right device: Motorola Solutions’ TLK 25

The TLK 25 is a pivotal component of Motorola Solutions’ safety and security ecosystem. This device is a compact and versatile walkie-talkie equipped with a panic button that allows for instant communication and rapid response in emergency situations, ensuring that help is always just a button-press away. But why choose the TLK 25?

  • TLK 25 is a true walkie-talkie, meaning your staff communication capabilities will be loud and clear
  • Intuitive voice assistant allows users to place calls, access emergency features and manage device settings hands-free
  • More emergency features than just a panic button: lone worker, fall alert, ambient listening, and location tracking with precise indoor location* 
  • Interoperable with smartphones via the WAVE PTX mobile app, MOTOTRBO radios and other TLK devices
  • Available as a Wi-Fi only device or Wi-Fi + nationwide LTE to keep your staff connected when Wi-Fi is not available

*precise indoor location tracking is available as an add-on service

Interested in the TLK 25 or want to learn more?

Contact us and a Motorola Solutions representative will be in touch to answer your questions and connect you to the right people. Safer hospitality starts here, with you. 

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