May 2, 2019 by Lisa Boutilier

Minimize Your Downtime, Scheduled Or Unscheduled

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Industries: Energy Industries

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As mining locations are expanding, becoming more remote and environmentally sensitive, it becomes even more important to have strict contingency plans in place if an emergency should happen. In these environments, it’s critical that workers in functions such as maintenance, inspection and testing are equipped with rugged and reliable communication tools to support real-time collaboration and decision-making.

A vital part of driving efficient production processes involves extending communications safely into potentially hazardous areas. At every stage of the production process, strict safety measures must be maintained to prevent disasters. As the primary communication device for field workers, the integrity of two-way radios operating in hazardous areas must be assured.

Reduced Downtime, Increased Efficiency

Effective and seamless communication helps reduce the risk of downtime. Disparate networks and a myriad of communication devices compound the challenge of achieving effective collaboration. To streamline communications, organizations can deploy a distributed interoperability platform optimized for integrating and transporting real-time voice and data securely over any network with connectivity to two-way radio, telephony and other legacy and modern communication systems.

Improving Your Operational Productivity

A safer site is a more productive site, but our end-to-end solutions offer potential efficiency improvements that don’t stop at safety. Advanced technology combined with end-to-end service capability can bring greater efficiency, lower costs and increased reliability to an operation. Mining enterprises can improve operational efficiency by:

  • Making sure staff can easily communicate with one another at all times using voice and data
  • Keeping a real-time view of your materials inventory and movements
  • Getting easy access to real-time information crucial for superior decision-making
  • Automating processes that previously required human oversight
  • Focusing on your core business while reducing operational costs

At a time when mining companies across the world are seeking new standards of safety and productivity, investing in the right communication solution has never been more critical to success.

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