October 15, 2020 by Scott Kaine

Our Vision for the Future of Cybersecurity Services

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CybersecurityThe world of cybersecurity is advancing at a breakneck pace. Attacks are increasing in number and sophistication. A growing skills gap, combined with a reliance on outdated systems and the current push for remote operations and cloud-based solutions, are all putting relentless pressure on organizations and agencies. 

At Motorola Solutions, we understand how challenging it can be to try to keep up with the continually changing landscape of cyber attacks and threats. As cybersecurity evolves, we’re evolving too, and developing cutting-edge solutions to help your organization stay protected and secure. Today I’d like to share our vision for the future of cybersecurity services at Motorola Solutions, and discuss some of the new capabilities we have to address your cybersecurity needs.  

The Mandate to Modernize

Looking at both our organization and the world as a whole, it’s critical to modernize cybersecurity infrastructure and invest in it. However, there’s a lack of security expertise in many organizations, especially when it comes to dealing with cloud applications and infrastructure or advanced endpoint detection and response. Meanwhile, the people who are trying to get into systems and disrupt services are becoming more advanced every day, and constantly looking for ways to exploit any vulnerabilities. 

So the challenge we’re facing is threefold. We’re going through a digital transformation. There’s an increase in complexity that we see within our own enterprise and within the environments our customers have to manage. And we’re all very challenged for resources.

For a secure and resilient operation, you need to manage complexity, performance and cost. We’re all dealing with complex and fragmented IT environments that have grown over time, and more and more tools are required to keep them up to date. You need to be able to understand the impact of security across your entire network, whether we’re talking about Motorola Solutions products, tools from other providers, or both. 

You also have to be able to manage performance. This requires always on, secure systems that are highly resilient, always available, and that ensure optimal business performance. And finally, you need to manage expenses to fit within your organization’s budget. You need a partner who can help you ensure the mission criticality of your entire environment, not just individual parts of it and to do this in a cost-effective manner. 

Our Vision and Capabilities 

Our vision is to become the one service provider for all of your cybersecurity needs to address these challenges. To do this, we’re building on our 90-year history of providing mission-critical technology and services across LMR, broadband, video, software and analytics to more than 100 countries. Our recent investments in cybersecurity have greatly enhanced our capabilities and bring us more than 20+ years of developing advanced threat detection and response technologies, and providing the best managed security and professional services to customers.

We’ve extended our capabilities to not only provide you with the secure products you expect, but to be able to secure your entire enterprise IT environment. The network, your cloud, your IoT devices, BYOD — all the things that tie into your network and the endpoints themselves — make up this larger environment, which we can now monitor and manage for you.

We have a team of professionals focused on monitoring and cybersecurity response 24/7, including experts with top industry certifications from across the country, and a number of people who are certified in the federal government’s highest requirements. 

We monitor more than nine billion security events every day and use advanced technology to deal with 95 percent of them automatically. This enables our Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts to be sure that they’re only focused on the most critical incidents that require their attention. And every day, our AI engine that powers that ability to process incidents reliably and automatically is getting smarter. 

We offer a 100 percent co-managed approach for visibility and control. Our cloud-native security platform, ActiveEyeSM, enables you to see everything our SOC analysts can see. Co-managed means the only decision you have to make is, when something happens, when an incident occurs, do you want to take care of it, or do you want us to?  

We’ve also expanded on our cybersecurity services, which are aligned to the NIST framework. Our advisory services protect your systems by helping you understand where there’s risk, and our consulting experts provide guidance on governance, compliance, process and procedure.

Our managed security services provide network and application monitoring, incident management and reporting, patching and advanced threat detection and response. We also know that business continuity and major incident response are very important in the event that something does compromise your system. So we also offer services to help you swiftly respond and recover from cyber attacks with our system recovery services.

The last piece that we put into our framework is cybersecurity training. We can provide training for your frontline workers and your more advanced technical workers in the areas of security, incident response, risk management and privacy and planning, along with certifications.


It’s critical for all of us as individuals, as well as for the continuity of your mission critical operations, to ensure cyber resilience. With our investments in cybersecurity, we can now provide a unified approach to security management across your networks, software applications, video, cloud infrastructure and your endpoints. We have advanced technologies and deep security expertise, and a proven process with implementation, along with 20 years of combined cybersecurity experience. From providing you with secure products to securing your enterprise IT infrastructure, we provide complete coverage, not just for Motorola Solutions products, but for what you use to secure and run your enterprise every day.  

As cybersecurity evolves, we’re evolving with it. We’re continually working to ensure your organization can face emerging security challenges head on. We’re here to help you navigate the ever-changing world of cybersecurity as both your trusted partner and an extension of your team. No matter what the future holds for cybersecurity, we’re with you every step of the way – making sure your organization is secure and resilient.

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