July 16, 2020 by Troy Montgomery

Record After The Fact: A Tool For Transparency

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Motorola Solutions Record After-the-FactNow more than ever, citizens understand the importance of transparency in public safety. In order to be included in the public safety conversation, civilians need to know the full story. Hearing an officer forgot to turn on his or her body camera is no longer being accepted. The use of technology, paired with law enforcement training, can provide additional ways to build trust, transparency, and security in their communities. 

Motorola Solutions is proud to offer Record-After-the-Fact®, which is part of our video security and analytics portfolio. Record-After-the-Fact provides a different level of transparency between law enforcement and the citizens they protect. To foster 21st century police methodologies, law enforcement must enact technology that not only enhances operations but builds transparency, accountability, and safety with the community. 

The challenge is that reminding an officer to just “turn on their body camera” is not as simple as it sounds. When law enforcement officers are responding to an emergency situation, things change in an instant. When potential danger is involved, officers are trained to protect the public, resolve the situation, and go home to their families afterward. While increased training is most important for officers to initiate their body cameras, the possibility of losing footage in the heat of the moment is still present. 

Record-After-the-Fact is a powerful capability that brings the next generation of video security and analytics to law enforcement and the community. This technology ensures that entire incidents are captured on video, regardless of the situation. 

Officer and Community Reassurance 

Record-After-the-Fact enhances the V300 Body Camera and the 4RE In Car Camera with the ability to constantly record. After an event, a time frame can be selected in order to capture video from the past  ‒ even if the officer never hit record. This feature offers reassurance to both the community and law enforcement. When an event happens where video recording is needed, it can quickly be obtained and used as evidence. This provides a level of accountability, which is crucial for communities to remain safe and protected. Without Record-After-the-Fact, that ability to provide reassurance can be a challenge. Our mission is to equip agencies with this powerful tool to allow them to be their best when an incident occurs. Ultimately, Record-After-the-Fact can recover video you never even knew was important.

Additionally, Record-After-the-Fact has key features that make it perfect for any situation. With high definition video, panoramic video coverage, and event-based resolution, these features help ensure that interactions between law enforcement and civilians are clearly recorded from multiple angles. Law enforcement and civilians can be reassured in knowing that there will always be an unquestionable recording of the event at hand. 

Invest in Building Trust

Today, where a strong relationship between citizens and law enforcement is needed more than ever, there are technologies to help foster more efficient, responsible, and effective policing. Agencies that invest in Record-After-the-Fact will showcase, through technology, how committed their agency is to building transparency and accountability within their operations and the community. With its technology, citizens and law enforcement can trust that their interactions are clearly documented, every time. 

Record-After-the-Fact offers key components for building trust. Build on your successes and areas of improvement by always capturing the event with Record-After-the-Fact. 

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