May 15, 2024 by Hetal Patel

Eyes on Retail: Learn How Retail Body Cameras Create a Safer Environment

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According to the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) 2023 National Retail Security Survey, the number of violent shoplifting events rose by over a third in the last year, with 88% of retailers saying that today’s shoplifters are more aggressive than in the past. 

In the fast-paced world of retail, ensuring the safety and security of employees is a top priority. With the emergence of body cameras, retailers have a powerful tool to enhance workplace safety and create a secure environment for their staff. 

By proactively assessing employee safety concerns and introducing innovative technologies that detect, deter and capture footage of criminal activities, retailers can more holistically address the increasing number of safety and security incidents unfolding in their stores. Video solutions, including mounted cameras, body cameras and license plate readers, can help to prevent in-store crime and seamlessly connect to those who can help when safety concerns arise.

Technology can be transformative for retail stores given employees’ concerns about the increase of theft and safety incidents. It’s important for retailers to evaluate the security technologies they use to prevent, detect and respond to threats. 

Protect your retail store, staff and customers by de-escalating confrontational situations and disputing false claims with Motorola Solutions’ VT100 & VB400 retail body cameras. 

The VT100 is the body camera of choice for cashiers, customer service representatives and loss prevention workers. It is simple to use, requires minimal training and deters antisocial behavior from the outset. The VT100 is an integrated, connected solution that enables immediate response to acts of violence and aggression against employees in customer-facing roles. This lightweight recording device is worn on the uniform of store colleagues, and is activated with the simple push of a button. If an employee feels threatened, simply activating the VT100 instantly enables a live stream of the incident to be shared with the Security Operations Center (SOC). 

The VB400 body camera is designed for security professionals who may encounter threats of violence. With its rugged exterior and shift-long recording, the VB400 provides footage of events as they occur, allowing immediate response and providing indisputable evidence.  When an incident escalates, security personnel can provide multiple viewpoints with peer-assist recording. This feature is automatically initiated when personnel come into range of another VB400 body camera. 

All footage captured on the VT100 or VB400  is stored securely on the device, where it is later offloaded to VideoManager, Motorola Solutions’ software for managing body camera footage and users. The very presence of these body cameras can help to de-escalate confrontational situations. If an incident occurs, their recording capabilities allow you to capture evidence-grade video to support a prosecution.

Retail body cameras are revolutionizing workplace safety, empowering retailers to proactively enhance security measures and protect their teams. From deterring threats to documenting incidents and facilitating emergency response, these cameras equip employees with the confidence and tools to navigate risks effectively. Embracing this technology demonstrates a commitment to fostering a safer environment within the retail industry.

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