October 21, 2019 by Ben Ansell

Rethinking Public Safety’s “First-Instinct Tool”

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Rethinking Public Safety’s “First-Instinct Tool” Whether it’s calling for backup, requesting information from dispatch or sharing information with others, police officers reach for their radio. It’s their “first-instinct tool” – enabling them to communicate critical information and stay connected at all times.

As the demand for real-time data and information in the field continues to grow, there is room for today’s radio to evolve. To adopt the best features of consumer products and incorporate them into a device that is appropriate and effective for public safety. 

Following its transformation throughout history, the radio of the future will evolve and advance to meet the ever-changing needs of first responders around the globe. It will be carefully designed with public safety in mind – maintaining its known usability and its importance as a “first-instinct tool.” The technology will be carefully managed and curated for first responders and designed to provide exactly what is needed for the job at hand.

But the next generation of radio will also introduce new features and incorporate the interactivity that consumers have become accustomed to into the public safety sector. It will seamlessly blend the mission-critical voice and devices that first responders rely on with purpose-built software and applications – from call-taking and dispatch, to investigation and analytics, to evidence and records. 

The radio of the future will utilize emerging technology to better manage the rising complexities  that responders face on the front lines. It will simplify processes and introduce efficiencies while providing public safety officers with a streamlined and unified end-to-end technology workflow – all in the palm of their hand. It will take public safety’s “first-instinct tool” and enhance it with the intelligence, connectivity and extensibility needed for the future. 

Ultimately, it will provide officers with the technology they need to stay focused and safe when it matters most.

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