June 21, 2021 by Jennifer Lee

School Safety Can’t Take A Summer Break

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Safety Reimagined“No more pencils, no more books…” is a common refrain heard across the country as many students, teachers and administrators take a break for the summer. But that doesn’t mean that school safety measures can take a break. This summer is a perfect time to reevaluate school safety measures. Read on to see how technology can help keep schools safe every day of the year. 

Imagine you are a school administrator for a public high school with a student population of over 200 students across a large urban campus. Your number one priority is to ensure the safety of students and staff, while also providing an outstanding education. With such a large student body and expansive campus you recognize the challenge and importance of being proactive in your approach to safety. With limited public school funding and budgetary constraints, you also know staff is limited and you have just one full time school resource officer dedicated to your large campus. In short, there is not enough physical security available to properly protect the campus.

With our proven technology, Motorola Solutions can provide the platform your school needs to enhance security. We’ve built the first and only unified technology ecosystem that integrates voice, video, data and analytics all on one common platform to help address the security challenges your school could face. We call it Safety Reimagined.

Safety Reimagined redefines what safety can be. Our integrated ecosystem enables you to detect, analyze, communicate and respond to potential threats, which sadly have become more commonplace in school settings. Combining critical communications and situational awareness technologies on one platform is essential to properly prepare and confront a potentially dangerous situation. 

As a school administrator, wouldn’t it be remarkable if you had the power to detect a school intruder before they entered the building? 

This power is possible thanks to Motorola Solutions’ easy-to-use, cloud-based workflow automation tool we call Orchestrate. Orchestrate configures workflow so it can automatically alert key personnel, whom you have identified, to an unregistered person on campus, or an emerging violent disruptive classroom situation. The technology allows users to select from a list of potential triggers, for example license plate recognition (LPR). With the selected trigger (LPR), specific administrator radios are matched together so the right people automatically receive an alert when that vehicle has entered school property. The camera will detect the trigger and our technology will alert the respective school staff through our radios. The school administrators are now prepared for the entrance of an intruder and have the ability to respond to the situation before anyone is put in danger. 

Look at our Safety Reimagined technology ecosystem as those extra sets of eyes, pairs of ears and hands, that intelligently supports and exponentially enhances your current school staff. It saves your school money in training and staff by providing an automated network that streamlines workflow and communications quickly and effectively in real time to solve problems as they unfold. You can’t watch every door or every car that pulls into the school’s lot. That’s where Motorola Solution’s Safety Reimagined serves your school’s needs, keeping students safe. Today and every day of the year. 

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