June 24, 2024 by Grace Christoff

Solving for safer long haul trucking

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Industries: Transportation & Logistics

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In the trucking industry, communication with your fleet is not just important, it is essential. From the minute your drivers pull away from the warehouse to the time they deliver their shipment, maintaining communication is key to the success of on-time shipments. In today’s world, supply chain delays have become an issue many organizations grapple with. By prioritizing employee safety and equipping drivers with solutions that will empower their connectivity with key stakeholders, you are helping your organization add another layer of protection for your drivers and efficient operations. Implementing communication solutions is paramount to maintaining the productivity of your drivers and the organization of your deliveries.¬†

With the Motorola Solutions WAVE product line, drivers can easily communicate hands-free with TLK 100 and in-vehicle TLK 150. Not only do these products offer quick and efficient communication, but they also help drivers comply with cell phone laws across the United States. Managers can set up location-based talk groups on devices, which use geofencing to automatically  assign the radios to a certain talk group based on their route and current location. The radios can be programmed to automatically switch from a driving talk group to a manufacturing talk group when a driver enters or leaves a facility, making workflows efficient and seamless.

In the warehouse, TLK 100 is a critical tool for managing operations. The two-way radio connects with land mobile radios (LMR) and cell phones to connect you with people all over the country. The simple push-to-talk system allows for reliable communication, without building expensive new infrastructure. On the road, TLK 150, the mobile two-way radio, stores nicely in the truck cab and gives drivers the option to use hands-free communication or one button push-to-talk. The easy-to-use device helps drivers maintain awareness and safely move products from coast to coast. 

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