September 5, 2023 by Moe Rahmati

Stream From Any Drone With Cape Starter

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CAPE starter

The use of drones in public safety operations is becoming increasingly popular as agencies seek to enhance real-time situational awareness. While drone as first responder (DFR) programs receive a lot of attention and are usually the ultimate goal, not all agencies have the funding and focus to make that vision a reality. However, every agency – literally, every agency – can benefit from using drones in tactical operations. 

Tactical drone programs do bring their own challenges. An agency will start by investing in drone hardware and a mission-critical video livestreaming software. Over time, the drone needs of the agency may evolve, or new hardware or software is purchased, and you may find yourself with a single purpose-built drone (or even multiple units) without the enhanced video capabilities needed for an effective program. 

CAPE’s Stream From any Drone capability livestreams real-time HD video from any non-CAPE supported drone of your choice to an Android mobile device. Livestreamed video can be securely viewed simultaneously by multiple responding teams and visiting agencies, located anywhere, from an internet-enabled device. Whether maximizing the value of your existing tactical drone program or investing in a drone with unique capabilities, Stream From any Drone provides what you need to securely livestream HD video to your team for real-time situational awareness – no matter what drone you choose.

Stream From any Drone is an easy way to get started with purpose-built drone software and gives you the ability to: 

  • Livestream in an instant: Quickly connect to any non-CAPE supported drone – regardless of make or model – and livestream real-time HD video to your team’s Android devices for increased situational awareness.
  • Harness unique capabilities: Did you find the perfect drone for your unique needs but it doesn’t stream? CAPE Stream From any Drone provides livestream HD video from any drone to an Android mobile device.
  • Maximize your drone investment: Extract full value from your existing drone fleet, and make future purchases with the confidence that they are also compatible with CAPE Stream From any Drone

The CAPE Stream From any Drone capability is available with all CAPE subscriptions, including the new CAPE Starter offer. Existing CAPE customers also receive the Stream from any Drone capability automatically as part of their existing subscription agreement. Whether this is your first drone purchase or you are well on your way to a larger drone program, CAPE Stream from any Drone will ensure that your fleet will provide the visual information you need to help keep your personnel and your community safe.

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