June 15, 2020 by G. Scott Tomlin

The Power of Partnership for Public Safety in the Cloud

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Cloud computing is here and it is the path to the future for every type of software. Across industries, from personal to corporate to government, from video streaming services to mission-critical communications – the cloud is the future thanks to the powerful benefits it provides. The cloud delivers efficiencies of scale, resilience, cost-effectiveness, improved operations, better security and easier response to changes the future will bring, enabling adaptive software experiences for end-users.

Maybe I’m biased because of my engineering background, or my prior work for Microsoft, or my self-identification as a ‘techie.’ Or, maybe the cloud excites me because of its potential to expand computing and productivity capabilities for any person, business or organization. As Senior Director of Cloud Infrastructure Engineering with Motorola Solutions, it’s my job to apply the potential of the cloud for our Public Safety partners. 

At Motorola Solutions we offer mission-critical public safety solutions to thousands of agencies around the world and we are building the first end-to-end public safety software suite in the cloud – CommandCentral. The demand on your technology is not slowing down and we understand the critical turning point public safety faces as it moves to the cloud. That’s why we have strategically partnered with Microsoft for their expertise and investment as a cloud provider. 

But why does that matter to you?

The short answer? The cloud provider shouldn’t matter to you. 

What cloud is your banking information stored in? Odds are you don’t know because you’ve never asked. My guess is that’s because you trust your bank to secure this information. That is our role at Motorola Solutions with your critical data and applications. When you partner with us, as your public safety solution provider, you only interact with us. We manage the technology burden of the cloud which includes the relationship with Microsoft. By adopting a cloud solution from Motorola Solutions, you subscribe to technology that is secure, rapidly developing and always up-to-date, thanks to cloud computing best-practices between us and Microsoft. 

But why DOES the cloud provider matter?

The long answer illustrates the value and expertise your cloud provider delivers. The Microsoft Azure Government Cloud provides world-class security, protection, privacy, compliance and more for applications and services on a dedicated, government-only cloud environment. The Azure Government Cloud is built exclusively for government agencies and meets all compliance and regulatory standards that come along with such high-stakes environments. The ability for Azure to offer hybrid architecture capabilities is especially valuable to our public safety partners, many of which are heavily invested in their current on-premises technology. Through a hybrid architecture, customers keep their current on-premises technology and continue to leverage those investments while also enjoying the benefits and efficiencies of cloud computing. 

Let’s explore a potential hybrid architecture scenario: 

In a hybrid model, your agency may continue running applications on-premises while backing up data to the cloud. Once you’ve connected multiple systems in the cloud, you can search across all your systems and data, instantly, for the information you need, right when you need it. Another option enabled by hybrid operation is cost-effective disaster recovery service with resilient and redundant cloud environments. Since the cloud is not a single point of failure or vulnerability like a traditional on-premises system, events like earthquakes, fires or burglary are vastly mitigated via the decentralized nature of the cloud making it an ideal option for a safe and secure recovery environment. Finally, hybrid architecture enables you to better scale to your changing compute and storage needs and allows you to adopt cloud technology, at your pace, while eliminating the standard rip-and-replace upgrade.

Now let’s talk expertise:

As we build solutions in the cloud, we invest millions into the platform, annually. Similarly, we invest in the people behind the platform to develop expertise and grow our base of highly trained teams who constantly ensure security and compliance at all levels, from development and deployment, to real-time systems. To complement our cloud commitments, Azure has hundreds of billions of dollars invested in cloud infrastructure and over $2 billion of annual cybersecurity investment in personnel and tech to continually monitor/patch/secure your cloud environment, meaning you are leveraging the best-in-class cloud technology experts to manage your operation. No one in the world is more qualified for that task. Who wouldn’t want a multi-billion dollar cross-functional cyber team working for them?

Wait, compliance? Did you think I’d forget about that?

With the constantly changing and ever-challenging arena of compliance, Microsoft has set the bar for standards compliance. Their focus on standards and compliance, first for each and every region, along with working directly with agencies for certifications like CJIS, FedRamp, Hipaa, etc, means they are the type of partner you can count on. Microsoft is in the ring with both Motorola and you, working towards all necessary certifications. Additionally, Motorola is taking the charge to ensure all software we build aligns to these lofty standards while growing dedicated teams that support and share the burden of auditing requirements in the cloud.

Finally – the power of partnership:

Motorola Solutions brings our history, expertise, and deep relationships across public safety, while Microsoft architects a leading cloud environment. We understand this level of leadership and focus is necessary for you to trust your public safety technology to the cloud. At the end of the day, this partnership helps public safety and our ‘whys’ align with your needs. Look no further than our mission statements:

Motorola SolutionsHelping people be their best in the moments that matter.
MicrosoftEmpower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

We know how critical your operations are, we know how necessary your technology is and we know your budgets are never enough. The cloud allows these needs to work in balance. Together, Motorola Solutions and Microsoft Azure are advancing public safety technology thanks to strong partnership that combines world-class expertise to accelerate solutions, secure systems and help you be your best.

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