May 22, 2023 by Lubo Harizanov

Introducing the New V700 LTE Body Camera

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V700 LTE Body CameraWhat is a body camera? It can be used as a reliable witness when capturing critical evidence. But is recording evidence enough to help police officers on a day to day basis? What about automatic recording triggers or livestreaming and location sharing? What about the body camera’s performance during a long shift or in low light conditions? Let’s talk about how the V700 LTE body camera can change the game! 

Live Streaming and GPS Location

As a police officer, you are faced with high stress situations almost every day. And during these critical moments it is important for you to focus solely on the scene. It may be hard to communicate information with your supervisor, dispatcher or backup units. The V700 helps you solve this issue. At the station or command center, your dispatcher or supervisor can view live video and see real-time GPS location from the V700 body camera on the CommandCentral Aware map. This allows them to see what is happening on scene and relay important information to backup or EMS. Captain Lightfoot, from Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office, told us  how important body camera livestreaming is to his agency. “To be able to watch an officer at a school, if you have a threat… to be able to watch that officer from his perspective…It’s huge. Real-time crime [analysis] is a modern trend for officers, safety aspects, and situational awareness.” With built-in LTE, the V700 body camera can be livestreamed without the officer being near a WiFi hotspot. This allows the dispatcher to view real-time body-worn camera video inside a home, during a foot pursuit and more. Captain Lightfoot says “LTE is what changed it for us.” See how our V700 body camera can be livestreamed

Automatic Recording Triggers

Effortless body camera recording can also help you stay focused in the field without having to worry about pressing the record button. The V700 automatically triggers recording  with Motorola Solutions in-car cameras, APX radios and Holster Aware. The V700 body camera will start to record when the in-car camera starts to record, the firearm is removed from the holster, or when the APX radio goes into “Fall Alert” mode or the emergency button is pushed. Not only do these automatic triggers help the officer, but they also help dispatchers and supervisors in the real-time crime center see alerts on the CommandCentral Aware map. Captain Lightfoot said, “To turn on your body camera, based off your emergency button, that’s a game changer as well because real-time crime and dispatch can hear the alarm going off… and see it as well [on the CommandCentral Aware map].”

Efficient Swappable Battery

As an officer, you are also faced with long shifts. It is vital that your body camera has a reliable power source to keep working during these long hours. Lt. Jason Menard, Technical Services Lieutenant for Lafayette Parish Sherrif’s Office, found the V700 battery life lasted longer than our earlier body cameras. “And that was the other thing we noticed with the V700, the battery life is longer.” The V700 swappable battery can also help with your long shift. When you are out in the field and your battery is running low, simply replace it with another battery rather than waiting for the body camera to charge.The swappable battery comes with self cleaning contacts swiping away any dirt or dust. Lt. Menard said, “Changing the style of the battery contacts is a whole lot better for me.”

Lowlight Performance

Just as the human eye adjusts to low light, it is important your body camera does the same. This can help you capture evidence even in dark environments. The V700 offers high quality video and low light performance. Captain Lightfoot says “So, we actually saw a night and day comparison side by side… with the new camera lens. So it’s a lot cleaner. It’s a lot crisper. It was all a better picture.”

A body camera isn’t just for recording evidence. It should keep you connected, charged, and provide real-time alerts. This is made possible with the V700 LTE body camera. Captain Lightfoot said, “The traditional body cam is for evidentiary purposes. The V700 helps us to take it to the next level.” 

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