March 5, 2019 by Michael Doerk

WAVE Plus Critical Connect – Making Interoperability Even Easier

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Interoperable communications are the key to coordinated multi-agency responses during large-scale events, but legacy interoperability solutions typically take a long time to setup/provision, require separate interfaces for each connection, and cannot dynamically adjust as needs change. Since its introduction last August, Critical Connect has made interoperability easy, enabling the seamless exchange of voice and data between disparate networks.

With one link to Critical Connect, agencies can connect with other agencies, as well as personnel outside of LMR coverage – providing dynamic, seamless communication whenever and wherever needed. With the ability to set up connections in two clicks, as opposed to two weeks, agencies can quickly adjust their interoperable communications as the unexpected occurs during an incident response.

The primary use for Critical Connect has been to provide interoperable communication between agencies using ASTRO 25 networks, but agencies have also used it to connect personnel on an ASTRO 25 network with those using carrier-integrated broadband PTT. Agencies wanting to implement a “bring your own device” policy, however, are in need of a carrier-independent alternative for broadband PTT.

WAVE Adds Carrier-independent Option

That’s why WAVE, our carrier-independent broadband PTT service, is now available to Critical Connect customers to enable interoperable push-to-talk communications across any network, device, or location.

With an offering tailored to their specific needs, WAVE provides Critical Connect customers with access to the MCPTT-based features required to enhance safety, situational awareness, and operational efficiency for State and Local Government and other mission essential users.

When Using a Radio Isn’t an Option

Whether an undercover officer in need of assistance, a utility worker injured at a remote job site, or an EMT dealing with a hallucinating patient, radio communication may not always be available when help is needed. The combination of WAVE and Critical Connect provides the emergency calling, remote monitoring, location-based talkgroups, and interoperable communication necessary to keep critical users connected, informed and safe.  

Use Case – Keeping Schools Safe

It seems that more and more schools and their students are associated with major incidents. Whether it’s an active shooter on a campus, an altercation at an athletic event, or an accident involving a school bus, we have seen how the lack of communication between school personnel and public safety has hindered the ability to provide an effective response.

With the combination of WAVE and Critical Connect, however, first responders can use their ASTRO 25 radios for PTT communication with each other as well as school personnel using smartphones and the WAVE broadband PTT application. The result is the fast, secure, reliable interoperable communication necessary to keep our children safe when the unthinkable occurs.

The Right Combination

When it comes to major incidents, an effective, efficient response requires fast, secure, reliable communication between all available resources, wherever they may be, whatever network they are on, or device they are using. The unique combination of WAVE and Critical Connect deliver the breadth of interoperable PTT communication required, connecting first responders, agency personnel outside of LMR coverage, as well as outside resources to get the right information to the right people when it’s needed most.

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