March 24, 2020 by Daniel Dakessian

When Every Second Counts, Count on CommandCentral AXS Console

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Industries: 9-1-1 & Law Enforcement

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Motorola Solutions’ expansive team of researchers, engineers, and UI/UX designers set out to conduct extensive research at dispatch centers across the world, immersing themselves in the day-to-day workflows of dispatchers. After spending more than 5,000 hours in the field and countless number of prototypes, the result? CommandCentral AXS, with enhancements that enable dispatchers to work faster and more accurately, even under the most stressful situations. 

When every second counts, dispatchers must provide crucial intelligence to personnel and to keep people safe. Yet in today’s world, you have more information, resources, and tools competing for your attention than ever. Precious time is lost if you have to switch between multiple applications across multiple screens to collect and process data from various disparate sources. That’s why we created CommandCentral AXS. It has been thoughtfully designed to help dispatchers confidently and efficiently manage any situation that comes their way. 

With a resource-centric design that puts dispatchers’ most critically important features right where they need them and with the added flexibility to interact by touch, type or click, dispatchers can stay connected to their team in the way that suits them best. Configure and deploy CommandCentral AXS based on your needs — not ours — and know it can grow with your organization for years to come. Whether you’re supporting a small agency or an entire state, you can count on the mission-critical reliability that has made Motorola Solutions the most trusted name in dispatch communications for over 80 years. 

CommandCentral AXS is built off of an extensible architecture enabling bi-directional integrations with other software applications found in the dispatch center. This level of integration provides an efficient and effective user experience for the dispatcher. Saving them precious seconds to collect, distill and communicate valuable information to first responders in the field. For example, dispatchers can place their primary radio resources within their CAD application, enabling them to better maintain their focus in critical situations by keeping their hands and eyes on the CAD application instead of switching back and forth between separate screens. Additionally, with CommandCentral AXS and its powerful computing platform, CommandCentral Hub, you can use a single set of accessories including keyboard and mouse to work across software applications, simplifying interactions with the software while minimizing stress levels.

CommandCentral AXS has been designed to support future simultaneous integration with multiple types of radio systems including Project 25 (P25), broadband, professional radio systems or analogue radio – to ensure teams stay connected, regardless of the system they are using. Plus, with monthly software releases via secure access to the cloud, dispatch centers can add new functionality, software enhancements, and provide the necessary security updates, making CommandCentral AXS even more future ready. 

Break the mold of how public safety systems are supposed to function and provide dispatchers with a simple way to get their jobs done in ways that make sense with CommandCentral AXS available today for purchase. Your agency can have the dispatch console of the future, today.  

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