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Solving for safer mining and gas operations in Canada

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The Motorola Solutions team A.J. Uy, Jeff Balicki, and Tiffany Misfsud explain the products and software that support effective and efficient mining processes across Canada. The discussion emphasized the critical importance of reliable, resilient, and secure communication systems, particularly in the mining, oil, and gas industry. They took turns speaking about how Motorola Solutions is solving for safer within the four pillars, detect, analyze, communicate, and manage.

This strategy ensures that companies can identify risks before they happen, make informed decisions, and respond appropriately to incidents. Motorola Solutions video security and analytics (VS&A) provide surveillance then to make sense of the footage and data they collect, they offer analytics tools that help users quickly identify what footage is significant. Motorola Solutions also has products that allow for easier communication, ensuring everyone is informed, whether on-site or not. The Motorola Solutions ecosystem works together to help manage and maintain the most efficient job sites.

Motorola Solutions safety and security ecosystem is helping companies manage their mining operations:

From the moment you drive into the parking lot, step foot on-site, or sit in the security operations center there is a team of products working together to keep you safe. The Motorola Solutions ecosystem uses innovative technology to provide clear communication, and surveillance to address the challenges of the evolving mining industry.

  1. In the parking lot, access control can help monitor who enters the site by only allowing approved employees into the facility. The Avigilon camera system can detect abnormalities with built-in video analytics such as face recognition and license plate trackers. TLK / WAVE radios allow drivers and personnel to communicate outside of their normal range while MOTOTRBO Ion radio connects to your ecosystem with the ability to access apps. These products work together to ensure that your facility is safe and secure, giving employees peace of mind and allowing operations to run smoothly.
  2. The security operations center can bring all of these products together into one software, CommandCcentral Aware. With the WAVE PTX mobile app employees can turn their phones into a PTT handset to receive instant communication. The Avtec Scout dispatch console gives you one-touch access to ensure your team can quickly and reliably share important information across your enterprise. With these connected products, the ecosystem in the operations center can work to keep all team members in the know and increase overall productivity.
  3. On the work site, teams can make full use of MOTOTRBO with the R7, a digital portable two-way radio, and the MOTOTRBO capacity max trunked radio system that allows up to 750 sites with up to 3,000 users each. The Evolve LTE handheld radio combines the user experience and open platform design with the durability and reliability expected of a critical communications device. The effective communication that these products bring to the work site is unparalleled in their ability to align your team for a safer work environment.

Create and connect workflows through Orchestrate

Uy went on to talk about how Orchestrate brings all of these components together forming an “if this, then that” workflow tool. Demonstrating how you can configure and automate the system to best suit your company’s needs. Uy gave the example that if a worker was not wearing their personal protective equipment (PPE) then an automatic workflow could initiate, starting with analytics detection from Avigilon cameras, which automatically alerts security operations center staff, who could then use radio to communicate with the individual, and finally, an incident report would populate.

Safer facilities start with product innovations and updates

Jeff Balicki talked in detail about the improved Motorola Solutions radios, MOTOTRBO R7, and the XPR7550 series. With customer input, the R7 has evolved to have a larger split screen that shows battery life, LTE coverage, and other important information while the other half displays messages and offers users the ability to send and respond to messages from the radios. Another new and helpful feature is the addition of a microphone on the back of the radio that helps to pick up and filter out ambient noise making the voice audio, louder and clearer. In addition, the speaker on the radio was improved to make the volume 30% louder than before. With the new mic and speakers, it has the ability to voice record for up to five minutes. The XPR 7550 IS still has its classic blue color but now has a sleek antenna-connected design, improved battery contact, and better voice clarity.

The team described Motorola Solutions capacity max radio system as an innovative, high-capacity software that allows large-scale companies to efficiently use their radios. Supporting up to 750 sites with up to 3,000 users per site, Capacity Max can offer reliable and safe communication company-wide. It offers security features, including encryption and secure authentication, to protect company information. The system also includes management tools like real-time call monitoring and has the ability to track performance, ensuring that companies can track and optimize their radios. With the ability to quickly deactivate lost or stolen radios and GPS and indoor location tracking, Capacity Max helps with both productivity and safety.

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